Blind McGike


What Is A "Blind McGike"?

Here's the scoop... but you first must inquire...


What is a "McGike"?

Some say "McGike" is a unique nickname for a best friend.  A few say it comes from the across the Atlantic Ocean, from an Emerald Island during the times of the Druids.  Other have said it was a special time in a not so distant history, when four young lads got together to fulfill a dream in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  They found out by wearing magical music apparatuses, beating canvas skins and adding vocal harmonies that the local natives would join for festive opportunities to share time with each other by partaking in malt type beverages, harmonizing along with those familiar melodies and resurrect the past exotic custom of "chair and body dancing."  Those times have long past!  Will they ever be reawakened?

What is a "Blind McGike"?

As fate has brought us the worldly advances on our secular needs; the computer revolution, portable telephones with camera, modern vehicles with full entertainment centers, the instant need to receive information from the Internet, ipods, always being in touch with one another, but not touching one another on a higher plane.  We have lost some of our perspective and have drifted from the higher path life and music. 


Time has aged, seasoned, and matured most of us, but left us wanting, searching and questing for that long lost, past, distant existence and sound.  Fate again has interceded and brought those once young lads and new friends together.  They have realized from the past 35 years, they were "blinded" by the secular world and now have the opportunity to mix again with the natives and bring them to that higher plane of life, of fun and enjoyment.  Let the Original Vehicle Storage (Garage) Band of the 60s & 70s end your search for entertainment and happiness.  Come join us for a new start and beginning.  Let the new "Blind McGike" band help open your eyes, your ears, your senses, and your passions!  Come join them for an evening by traveling back into time, rejuvenating that ‘body and chair dancing’, back when anything seemed possible, back when music ruled – Classic Rock N Roll with “Blind McGike”!



Mike Strickland      Steve Pelot       Steve Reid      Mike McGovern

     (vocals)                 (bass)              (drums)               (guitar)


The Original ‘McGike Band’ Circa 1971

Photo by John Schmaus