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Calypso Bluz the audio CD from the duo of Cathy Conley and Julie Amen. They perform often in the Kansas City area and have gained a loyal following. Steel pan is at the heart of their arrangements, and the vocal talent of Julie Amen is amazing. To truly appreciate the music they produce, you may want to get in your hammock and pour yourself a tall margarita. This CD is perfect accompaniment to those lazy summer days. Come on down to the island of Calypso with Calypso Bluz.

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White Sands is the second effort from the Island duo of Calypso Bluz. They've been road running the KC area taking requests and providing their unique brand of Calypso, Jazz, and Blues. The results are in and the listener will be daydreaming of "White Sands" from the moment the CD begins. Pick up this hot disc today, and don't forget to check out the first release entitled Calypso Bluz from the warm weather duo. Bottoms up!