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Parking Cars (The Treatment)

Angelo DiMartino owns a transmission repair shop. Renzo Zizza owns a general repair auto shop next door. They were childhood best friends and served in WWII together. They now harbor a long lasting grudge against each other that caused them to divide the common parking lot next to their building. They both employ Paulo to park their customers’ cars. Paulo constantly sings show tunes, opera or television theme songs while parking the cars.

One day, two customers come into each shop at about the same time and leave their cars. Paulo parks the cars next to each other in the parking lot. Employees soon notice a foul odor coming from one of the cars. Soon Zizza and DiMartino are accusing each other of having the “smelly” car. After the health department is called, the trunks of both cars are opened and a dead body is discovered in each car. Zizza and DiMartino mutually accuse each other, which lead the police to suspect each man of being a murderer.

Both Zizza and DiMartino hire attorneys and agree to a mutual interrogation with the police. Their mutual distrust leads to further accusations. Once left alone by the police and their attorneys, they realize they must work together and in the process put aside their disagreement and renew their lost friendship.

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