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Two Ships In The Day (The Treatment)

Micki is driving and Joel is riding in a black Ford Escort; both are engaged in the middle of an argument. Chains is driving and Katie is riding in a white Plymouth Neon; Chains and Katie are also involved in an argument. Both couples are arguing about similar topics: Chainís latest fist fight, Micki losing her job at the strip club, Chainís drinking, Mickiís drinking, mutual dislike for their mateís relatives and the lack of sex drive shown by Chains for Katie and Micki for Joel.

Katie and Joel are both 20 something, prim and proper, educated, clean cut and conscientious. Micki and Chains are both 30 something, drink while driving, smoke, have tatoos and cannot hold jobs.

Both Chains and Micki are not paying attention as they drive their respective cars Each runs a stop sign and wreck into each other. At the intersection, two conversations ensue. Joel and Katie begin to argue about the cause of the accident; both defending their mates. Micki and Chains are apologetic to each other and begin to flirt with each other. As the conversations progress, Katie and Joel become hatefully angry at each other. Chains and Micki exchange mutual phone numbers. At the end fo the discussions, Chains and Micki wave a friendly goodbye. Katie and Joel threaten lawsuits. Both couples return to their cars.

The MIRACLE occurs. Both Katie and Joel discover that their significant other did not pay their insurance payments and their car is without insurance. In mutual fits of rage, Joel and Katie demand to have the car stopped before it eaven leaves the scene. They exit their respective cars. Micki drives off. Chains drives off. Now Katie and Joel are at the intersection where moments ago they were arguing.

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