Cover Band Top-40 Songlist     (clickable  PDF file)

Current Solo Piano Songlist     (clickable  PDF file) with vocal sample.mp3|Piano with vocal sample
Hey, Soul Sister (Train)
Robert is playing:  Acoustic Piano AND SINGING|BrickHouse-AllSummerLong

Brick House (Commodores) / All Summer Long (Kid Rock)
Robert is playing:  Electric Piano, Acoustic Piano, Synth Brass Section

Vocals:  Richard B.|KillingMeSoftly-ItsTooLate

Killing Me Softly (Fugees) / It's Too Late (Carole King)

Robert is playing:  Acoustic Piano, Sampled Choir & Strings

Vocals:  Julie A.

Detailed equipment information available by request.
  Keyboards:  Roland, Yamaha, Moog, M-Audio, Fatar
  Guitars:  G&L, Kramer, Washburn
  Mics:  Shure, Countryman (E6i cardioid earset configs)
  Wireless:  Shure, Nady
  Amplification: Mackie, Marshall, Berhringer