Empty Seats Matter (


Empty Seats Matter.

We're Not sitting, not kneeling...
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Once upon a time:
There were activities and sports for both spectators and participants alike, there were stores for shopping, there were things that everyone wanted to do, 24/7/365.25!

Seems as if now everyone is appropriating our favorite past times, politics, musical tastes and even our sense of sanity to better fit their agenda.

(..."I NOW hear that the number "7" is a politically triggering if not numerically incorrect and cultural insensitive number!...)

Don't give into the illusion that their opinions intrude upon your rights!
Share with us your photos of others, much like you, who don't stand for their childish gradeschool antics. Ignoring the problem only makes one an "enabler" for thieir cause... 

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"Empty Seats Matter"

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