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In response to a fan request to post the comments from our myspace page - enjoy!

Left by Teresa Halder on Jul 31, 2006
You guys rock! Great tunes and entertaining! Thanks for a fun evening out! Teresa

Left by Hnsthart on Aug 02, 2006:
We thought that was quite a show you put on Friday night.

Left by Al on Aug 04, 2006:
You took me back to some great memories. I've been waiting for a band like you guys.

Left by Andy Wheat on Aug 05, 2006:
IF YOU DIG LOST CLASSIC ROCK, AND HEAVY, PURE, RHYTHMIC, ENERGY, THIS IS YOUR BAND. Guys, I have a new favorite live local band. I didn't expect the amazing talent and nostalic song choices when I went to see McGike play recently at Creekside. I had never seen them play before,
but some friends of mine knew what kind of music I was into and suggested I check them out. I was BLOWN AWAY. It was such a trip to hear so many blasts from my past- Bowie, Animals, Kinks, Doors etc etc- and not the same songs everybody hears again and again on the radio. But some songs I hadn't heard in years that McGike revived note for note. AMAZING vocals, steady rockin drums, killer riding bass.. Guitars so precise to the original songs, and keyboard solos that grabbed everybody's attention in the house. Where have you been- and more importantly, WHERE ARE YOU PLAYING NEXT? Cause I'm HOOKED. Andy. PS Hope to get to talk to you next show about some tunes I'd like to hear you play that I think you'd be into- if you don't play them already! Oh, And, by the way, I read the negative response by Birdy, and actually that's why I even thought to respond. Can anyone say JEALOUS? I can't figure out any other reason why anyone would try to sabotage another band. KC's music scene is usually really supportive. Hopefully Birdy will catch on and find some more productive way of passing time than writing BS like that. Its clear there's some issues there..Well, Keep on ROCKIN A.W.

Left by Sara on Aug 05, 2006:
I am huge McGike fan and new friend to the band! I had to check out this new site, and am excited to see so much of a stir already w/so many comments and responses. These guys are so dedicated to the music they play, and in my humble opinion, they totally rock. I've seen so many bands play live, and enjoy all aspects of live music. Anybody who gets out often enough to see live shows will appreciate what this band delivers. With an awesome new bass player and with an extended 4 hr set list, I am really impressed with how quickly McGike has grown in the last few months. The vocal harmonies are right on. Also, fan support has been tremendous, and that's been really cool. This band is so good to the crowd. If you haven't seen McGike play yet, you gotta come see for yourself. Everybody has a great time. Time freezes and people let their hair down, kick back, and just rock. Its a very cool experience.

Left by Mark on Aug 10, 2006:
Band, you ROCK! Toto's and Creekside were good starts on your journey. I absolutely love your play list and look forward to you adding more of the same venue. I was at Toto's and Creekside and could tell the audience enjoyed both performances. For 2 gigs under your belt, you guys are great. The sound equipment overpowered both locations but your talent kept it rocking. Looking forward to the 19th and beyond.

Left by Kelly on Aug 11, 2006:
Hello! I JUST listened to some of your tracks online. This is a great website, I just newly discovered it. Being a transplant from Texas to Kansas City, I have to say that I am SO excited about Kansas City's music scene. I absolutley LOVED the tracks...It seems you guys have a genuine talent, and I can't wait to see the next show - By the way...when is it? The music samples sound awesome. I know I will be at the next show dancin'!

Left by John Schmaus on Aug 20, 2006:
I love these guys.. known 'em all for years.. gotta make it to KC again for one of the shows..

Left by zazzy on Nov 12, 2006:
These guys really do ROCK, not only do they play great older Stuff but they also dig up lesser known b-side tracks from the albums too. This Band would be great for High School Class Reunions or Big Chill Reunions, Birthdays for that 60's Child, Corporate Events, Skateland Parties, /Sock Hops, or Good Old Rock Concerts. YOU HAVE TO CHECK THEM OUT, IT'S WORTH THE TIME.

Left by Andy Reed on Mar 09, 2007:
Congrats on your success for helping raise money for KKFI in your band auction. Keep on rockin...

Left by Andy Reed on Apr 03, 2007:
Thanks for helping me celebrate my retirement at your gig at RC's. The band sounded great. There was a very apprecative crowd. Everyone enjoyed the music and great dance music. Thanks!

Left by Jim Kilroy on May 19, 2007:
I just wanted to wish you good luck in Cover Wars.

Left by Chris & Becci on Jul 22, 2007:
We have tried several times to see Blind McGike play, finally at The Brickyard on July Biker Night! Becci loved 'Me & Bobby McGee' and all the other classic songs, you brought back so many memories with such a great sound. Blind McGike is the 'Viagra to the Oldies' We can't get enough of your music. We knew every song and sang along. The owner said you were 'Wonderful.' We agree! Can't wait to see you next month at The Olathe Brickyard! New Biker Fans!

Left by Mark Plettner on Aug 05, 2007:
KUDOS for another kickin' performance at Players. It's been a long time since playing with the echoplex in the basement my friend. You're tight, you're right and come time for Cover'll be BRIGHT in KC.

Left by Nervous Rex on Sep 20, 2007:
Hey Thanks for the Add, and the nice words. See you at Allure Carribean Nights this Friday!! So Leigh Ann is the Blind McGike's Bass Chick?!
Veeery cooool!!
Yours truly,
aka Nervous Rex's Bass dude!

Left by Nervous Rex on Sep 24, 2007:
Thanks for coming out Friday night and hanging through the rain delay! It was definitely a night to remember. Will look forward to catching Blind McGike ASAP.
Keep Rockin!

Left by Toy Box on Sep 30, 2007:
Hey guys thanks for coming out we appreciate your support as musicians. Rock On!

Left by Ted Hoffman on Oct 2, 2007:
Thanks for coming to Smithville!

Left by Plague Of Sinai Oct 5, 2007:
Hey! Check out these guys! They are good friends of ours..

Left by Paranoyd on Oct 14, 2007:
Thanks so much,great to meet you guys,we were all winners at the beaumont club, keep music in your hearts!!
Paranoyd Band

Left by KC/DC on Oct 14, 2007:
It was great playing with you guys the other night - you guys rocked!

Left by (Almost) Gene on Oct 17, 2007:
Halloween is coming!!!!!!!! It is my favorite holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(almost) KISS Band
Left by Play Bass on Nov 12 2007 8:19 PM
Hi Blind McGike! We were touring Colorado last weekend, but you have 3 chances to see us in the metro area this weekend. I hope you can make it out to one of our shows. As always we are giving away FREE CD's
>Brian, The Tommy Andrews Band
Left by Midnight Shakers on Nov 16 2007 10:38 AM
"Thanks Guys" 
Left by Bill M. on Dec 02, 2007:
You guys were dynamite Friday night at Player's Bar. My friends and I were playing pool all night and really enjoyed 60s & 70s music - you guys rocked and can't be too loud for us and a bucket of beer was only $12. Thanks for enjoyable evening and playing "The Doors" requests. Loved the light show and thanks for the Blind McGike sticker, that's how I found your websites. Hope to see you back at Player's soon! 

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